Hope Tree Group

The Hope Tree Group is the charity/mission group of the Singleton and Branxton Parishes which operates in conjunction with our Parish Schools. Direct funding projects are assisted from anywhere to those who need immediate help. These have a set monetary limit and timeframe and are agreed on by the group for the Parish to contribute. So far 13 projects have been supported by the group. For more detail on each project please read the report  (link given below).

Latest Project

Project 14 – Martha’s Piggery

Martha is a single mother who lives in the village of Tabora in Tanzania. Her mud brick house has a roof made of leaves and other materials, and it is in poor condition.

Martha has four children. One of her children, Monika, is severely disabled. She was born healthy in 2002, but after an illness she became disabled and has been bed ridden since. She is suffering from various illnesses and her medication expensive.

Martha cares for the son of her relative. Yohane is 11 years old, and his mother is unable to look after him as she is mentally ill. She roams in the village, begging for food and money.

Martha is finding it difficult to look after all the children and her disabled daughter. The only income Martha has is from work in others’ fields. She grows maize and beans so that they have some food. Money to buy clothes, medicine etc comes from her work in the fields and it not enough to cover the expenses.

Marth is seeking help to start a piggery to augment her income and sustain her family.

The funds needed to build a shed for the pigs and to buy piglets would be around 2800000 Tanzanian Shillings that is $1800AUD.

Let’s make a difference to the lives of Martha and Monika!