Hope tree Group

Project 1 Emergency education assistance to Evelyne Phabian and

Evelyne Phabian was born on 8th September 1999 in Kigoma, Tanzania. She is studying in Kigamboni City College doing a Diploma in Clinical medicine for 3 years as Clinical Officer.

Since her father left the family, her mother is looking after her by selling vegetables cooking and selling some things. with the business going dull mother could not afford to pay the fees for Evelyne.

The school fee per year is 2,200,000 TZS ($1515AUD) now in first term she lacked 800,000 TZS ($550AUD). She had to leave college for non-payment. $100 was paid and she was allowed to return.

The Hope Tree Group’s first project was to raise $450 to cover the rest of her tuition fees.

Project 2: Esta Liliani Samweli


Esta is studying in Form 4. She is from Kasulu, Tanzania. Mother is a tailor. She needs $300 which is nearly half of her yearly tuition fee