2022 Catholic Mission Church Appeal

Our Parishes will be running the Catholic Mission Church Appeal over the weekend of 13-14 August 2022 and we thank you for choosing to support the work of Catholic Mission this year.

Catholic Mission, as the Australian agency of the international Pontifical Mission Societies, works on behalf of Pope Francis to support Church‑run mission programs around the world.

Thanks to the generosity of Australians like you, last year we were able to support life‑giving programs like the Mother and Babies Home, run by the Good Shepherd Sisters in Thailand, where pregnant women and mothers from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds are given a helping hand to create a brighter future for themselves and their precious babies. Without your help, Sister Chalaad and the Good Shepherd Sisters could not continue this critical program, especially with the impact of the pandemic. But there is still work to be done in many other Church‑run programs around the world.

This year, we invite all parishioners to support families from disadvantaged backgrounds through programs like the Deberety Goat Rearing Centre in Ethiopia.

Due to ongoing droughts and failed harvests, many families in the rural township of Emdibir are unable to provide enough food for their loved ones. In collaboration with the local community, Fr Habtesilassie Antuan and the Church dream of building a goat rearing centre, which will provide nourishing goats’ milk for families in need and nutrition programs at local health clinics.

However, the Centre can only be built with partnership and support. Through this appeal, Catholic Mission invites parishioners to be part of this life‑changing mission program from the beginning, and by doing so, commit to being witnesses of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for partnering with Catholic Mission to support this life‑giving work in Ethiopia, along with many other Church‑run mission programs around the world.